After much thinking I decided the Redneck Garage needed to go high society.  I also had some pictures requested so there are here.  Also thanks to Roz for the help today.  She hasn't told me that I'm crazy for doing this for at least two weeks.

Nothing like a quart of ATF hooked to a vacuum line to piss off the neighbors.  Porter here is your freaking smoke.

The garage was ripped apart on Tuesday night in order to rebuild it.  I'll gain 6 plus inches between the plywood and the car this way.  That is a 4 x 4 under the front of the ramp.  The 2 x 6 was just a temp brace so that the garage wouldn't twist while placing the Cadillac on it.

Here she is up in the air.  I was very pleased with the results.

David wanted to see some pictures of how the tires looked on her so here they are.

Here the temp brace is removed and the plywood is in place.  Plenty of room to work now.