Yea Yea I know ... my lazy ass hasn't updated.  Well I kinda took a break last weekend and it rained this weekend.  I did get the redneck parts cleaner going

One quick trip to Wally world and $20 later I have my parts cleaner, cleaning solution, and wire brush.  I wanted to do a metal tub one but Wally didn't have any and you know I'm too lazy to drive anywhere else.  O yea Mikko on the Cowboy Seven board gets credit for me trying this.  I didn't try the lye since it was plastic but I bet the lye would do a quicker job.

Add in one gallon of the Wally World on special degreaser. Fill to top with hot water. Throw in two valve covers.  Wire brush when bored.  Two days later you get this.  I used the shower for a final rinse and went over it with steel wool to get the surface rust off after this picture.  Not bad considering this one had about 1/4 inch of caked on oil.

Two coats of paint and you end up with two very nice valve covers.  They are a lot better than the burnt oil colored ones before I started.