I did some work last Sunday and forgot to take pictures.  I just removed the condenser, radiator, and fan so that I have access to the engine.  I got a lot done today.  Everything came right off with a minimum of fuss.  That is until I got to the heads.  Those mofo's just don't want to come out.  I decided to call it a day and figure out how to remove them tomorrow.


The parts are starting to pile up.  I need to clean out the shed so that I can put them in there.

I didn't trust myself on the wires so I took pictures of them so I would know where they go back.

Here is the intake off.  Notice how clean it is.  I did find a few pieces of the old nylon timing gear in the valley.

The number that every big block Caddy lover knows.  My baby came with the 950 heads.